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Tanner Arrington. GIS and cartography. Static and web. Columbia, South Carolina. Some examples of the work I've done, either at work or on my own, are above. I also like to play around with web design, like this website.

I love how maps, both static and interactive, can communicate information uniquely and effectively. Both at work and on the side, I use the ESRI suite of software plus open source products like QGIS, Inkscape, and Leaflet. Really whichever tool is best for the job.

A lot of the things I enjoy are map-centric in many ways, such as exploring on my bicycle, floating and fishing rivers, hiking and camping, and exploring new cities and towns.

Want to get at me? Send me an email if you are interested in custom mapping, GIS, and cartography. Or if you'd like help with python or javascript development for GIS projects.

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